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Advice for Parents

Parents & Guardians 

Parents & Guardians Advice

Here at Jobs 4 Teens we understand the pressures that you, as parents, are up against. Maybe you’re fed up of seeing your kids glued to their phones or you just want to give them a bit of independence. You might be feeling the increasing pressure to always buy them the latest phone or gadget or maybe you’ve seen how expensive driving lessons are now. We were all teenagers once and we know that giving them an opportunity to do something for themselves can work wonders. 

Legal obligations on teen work - The law...

Having Patience

Having Patience....

It might seem like a job serving tables or shelf stacking doesn’t require much skill, but you will be amazed what they learn doing these kind of jobs. Serving customers requires politeness, patience and diplomacy that will come in use time and again throughout life. Having a job means being organised, learning to listen to others and making sure you follow through on your commitments

Advice for Parents

Jobs like these will give your kids the opportunity to learn these incredible and timeless life skills. Jobs for Teens makes its easy to find part time jobs for teenagers, that fits in around school, clubs and homework The businesses on our website abide by the working directive and we are specifically focussed on safe guarding and the working time directive.

Having Patience

More Information

All young people from the age of 13 who are employed part-time out of school hours must have an Employment Permit until they officially leave school.

There is now only one school leaving date which is the last Friday in June of the school year that the child reaches the age of 16. For example, a child turning 16 in October would still need an Employment Permit until the last Friday in June of the following year.
More info can be obtained from your local authority website on Child Employment Permits.

How much money do teenagers get paid?

It depends on the kind of work, however, we would recommend a minimum of £3.70 per hour.
For example:
A 15 year old waitressing in a local café on a Saturday working 8 hours would expect a pay of £29.60 Tax free.

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